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NRG Digital Massage Table Warmer 30″ X 73″


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NRG Digital Massage Table Warmer

This digital massage table warmer is a great addition to your portable or stationary massage table.  This full sized table warmer provides even warmth from one end of the massage table to the other and has no weight limit.  Elastic bands secure the warmer to your tabletop while the user-friendly, digital controller allows for quick and easy temperature changes. The table warmer is 100% Polyester.  Includes timer and preheat setting. Internal temperature range is 98.6 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Each bar represents about 4 degrees of incremental heat.  Plug on warmer is two prong. This is not hospital grade.  30W x 73L. Watts : 120 , Volts: 120.

Set Up and Usage: 

  • The power cord should be inserted into the heating pad.
  • The plug should be inserted into the wall. The display will light up for a brief second indicating that there is power to the unit.
  • The button at the top of the unit is the main power control. Press this button to turn the pad on.
  • The default pad heat setting is to reach mid temperature and activates a 99 minute timer.
  • The + and  buttons can be used to increase or decrease the heat intensity.
  • The preheat button can be pressed to increase the heat setting to maximum heat. 60 MIN (minutes) will display in the lower right corner telling you the pad will be on for 60 minutes in preheat mode. It is advised that once your pad reaches the desired temperature, you use the + or  buttons to set the ideal temperature. Doing so will turn off the 60-minute preheat timer.
  • The unit is equipped with a sleep timer that can be adjusted in 10 minute increments, up to 99 minutes. The pad will turn off automatically after this timer expires.
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