Soothing Touch Deep Tissue Massage Gel 8Oz
April 6, 2018
Soothing Touch Tuscan Bouquet Brown Sugar Scrub 16 Oz
April 6, 2018

Sweet Fennel Essential Oil 30ml


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Traditional Uses – Soothing, Hormonal Stimulant, Stimulating, Purifying, Balancing, Detoxifying, Regulates Menstrual Cycle.

Origin – Hungary

Aroma – Earthy and Sweet, Anise like

Extraction Process – Steam Distillation

Commonly Used For – Relaxant, Digestive Aid, Antiseptic, Massage, Bath.

Sweet Fennel Blends Well With – Sandalwood Essential Oil.

Suggested Dosage – 2-3 Drops per 1 oz of Oil or Lotion.

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