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Ultrasonic Aroma diffuser 400 ml Wood grain


400 ml

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A vase shape wooden Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is an electronic diffuser which disperses Essential Oils into the air. They work by breaking the Essential Oil particles down into micro-molecules and then diffusing them into the air as negative ions. Negatively charged ions will attach themselves to harmful positively charged particles in the air and help to purify your home.aromatherapy inhaler ultrasonic air diffuser wholesale.With compact and portable design, the cap of the aroma diffuser is easy to take off, you won’t bother to unscrew the cap with great force when your hands are wet. Just gently take off the cap, add water and essential oil, enjoy high-quality life

7 Color Mood Lighting: Fixed one color steady on / 7 colors rotating through / no lights on.  A perfect nightlight for a kid’s bedroom and mood light for creating romantic atmosphere.

Silent: no-heat ultrasonic technology delivers safe, heat-free and smoke-free mist.

Timer Setting and Auto Shut off: 4 time setting modes: 1Hr/ 3Hr/ 6Hr/ steady on. Diffuser automatically powers off when the water level is too low. It can run up to 12 hours of continuous output

All In One: Aromatherapy diffuser adopts ultrasonic technology that provides whisper smooth mist and pleasant aromas to create a calm, relaxing environment, soften and moisten dry and chapped skin

Color: Wood grain

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